Venabili lets you define keys that automatically press multiple keys in sequence for you (a "macro"). This could be used to perform a sequence of key presses that you normally do over and over again by hand, or to store commonly used text strings like passwords, phone number, email addresses, etc.

Defining macros

Macros are defined in the venabili.c file as arrays of keys.

Take a look at this macro that will do Ctrl + c and Ctrl + v on a single keystroke:

Macro m1 = { Rctrl(k_c), Rctrl(k_v), k_empty };

After you've defined some macros you need to register them with the add_macro(name) function like so:

// Macro m0 = ...
// Macro m1 = ...


If you need a macro that only consists of text strings, use the add_string_macro instead:

add_string_macro("Some street in some avenue");

Each macro you register will acquire an identifier that increments from 0.

Once you're happy with your macros, make sure to set the N_MACROS number in the config.h file to match the number of macros you have registered.

Using macros

In order to trigger macros, use the MACRO(id) key in your layers, where id is the number of the macro you want to use.

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