Building Guide

Because Venabili is a hand-wired keyboard, you can be creative with the materials you want to use, is it going to be made of wood? Acrylic? Metal? Will it be Cherry MX switches? Zealios? Kailhs? You choose!


  • 48 Switches (any switches that fit in Cherry MX profile holes will do)

  • 48 Key caps

  • 48 1N4148 diodes

  • 1 STM32F103 MCU (bluepill)

  • 1 ST-LINK

  • Thin wire

  • Case pieces (any material that you can either laser-cut or hand-cut will do)

Both the "bluepill" board and the ST-LINK programmer can be bought for cheap from online stores.


  • Soldering Iron

  • Tweezers

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