A mechanical, layered, programmable, ergonomic, hackable keyboard.
Named after Dors Venabili, a fictional character from Isaac Asimov's Foundation Series of novels. Venabili is a 40% mechanical keyboard with ergonomic keys layout.
Being a fully programmable keyboard, it gives you the ability to create layers of functionality, declare multifunction keys that can operate as both modifiers and normal keys, control the mouse, define macros, and more.

How to Get One?

Venabili is not a commercial keyboard, you cannot buy neither a fully assembled one nor a DIY kit. Instead, the project provides: hardware designs, circuitry schematics, firmware, and very detailed instructions on how to build your own in the Building Guide.
The whole project is released under FOSS and CC licences, so you can tweak every aspect of it to adapt it to your needs and liking.


    Free as in Freedom
      FOSS hardware and software
      Vertically Staggered
      Custom keys placement
      Up to 256 key layers
      Dual function keys
      Pre-modified keys
      Double-shift CapsLock
      Mouse control

Lacking features

There are some things that are yet to be implemented, namely:
    Boot keyboard support.- It will probably not work for configuring the BIOS. Moreover, you'll probably have to plug in the keyboard after the OS has booted.
    Volume and music control keys
    Windows build support.- In order to build the firmware and customize the keyboard you'll need a *NIX OS
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